Tour 1

Wood products and advanced technologies

19 October 2017
Produits forestiers Résolu -La Doré Resolute Forest Products is a global leader in the forest products industry with a diverse range of products, including market pulp, tissue, wood products, newsprint and specialty papers, which are marketed in over 70 countries. Visit the Website
Produits Forestiers LAMCO Lamco Forest Products patented Tongue & Groove Edge and Finger Joint technology optimizes the natural strength of Northern Quebec's slow growing trees. It allows us to offer a full line of structural & architectural solid engineered wood products, all with superior physical properties, strength & stability. Our waste-free process recycles all wood residues, making it the greenest in the industry. Visit the Website
Les produits Gilbert Gilbert is a market leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of forestry, sawmilling, construction equipment and track and grooming systems. Totally oriented towards innovation, quality and market needs, we furnish highly profitable technological solutions, surpassing the industry standards. Visit the Website

Tour 2

Wood products and advanced technologies

19 October 2017
Coopérative forestière du Petit Paris Sawing and planing mill which enjoys the best strategic situation as it is located at the entrance of Chute des Passes road, and can receive its supply by off-road trucks. Visit the Website
JAMEC JAMEC provides innovative and customized solutions in the areas of design and manufacturing, as well as the installation and maintenance of a variety of industrial equipment and high performance 5S workplaces in a number of business sectors. These sectors include, among others, sawmilling, mining, smelting, and pulp and paper. The Lac-Saint-Jean company offers additional professional services in graphic design and painting.  Visit the Website
Dolbeau Oxygène We are distributors of specialized products and equipment for needs in welding, industrial gas, metals, propane-fuelled equipment and specialized tools. The DO2 Industrial division offers custom manufacturing of industrial equipment for clients throughout many different sectors. Visit the Website

Tour 3

Forest and wood products

19 October 2017
Produits forestiers Résolu - Larouche Resolute Forest Products is a global leader in the forest products industry with a diverse range of products, including market pulp, tissue, wood products, newsprint and specialty papers, which are marketed in over 70 countries. Visit the Website
Pépinière Boucher Since 1985 Pépinière Boucher is an organization operating in the horticulture industry as a wholesaler. We specialize in the production of seedlings in plugs , indigenous shrubs,cedars and conifers, perennials, fruit and small and large caliber ornamental trees. Visit the Website

Tour 4

Renewable energies

19 October 2017
Centrale Minasthuk small hydroelectric station at the Minashtuk waters' edge on Mistassibi River, near the city of Dolbeau-Mistassini. With an available capacity of 9.9 MW, the station began operations in 1999. Visit the Website
Greenleaf Power - Saint-Félicien Founded in 2010, Greenleaf is a biomass energy company headquartered in Sacramento, California. Greenleaf acquired the Saint-Félicien Cogeneration Company in 2013. The Saint-Felicien plant has a net capacity of 21.4 MW secured by a long-term contract with Hydro-Québec. The plant is an important economic engine for its low-cost thermal energy sources and its location in the new industrial development area of Saint-Felicien. Visit the Website
Granules L.G. Founded in 1995 in St-Félicien, Granules LG  is a Quebec-based company specializing in two types of wood densification: wood pellets and bioenergetic firelogs.  Visit the Website

Tour 5

Mine and advanced technologies

19 October 2017
UAS centre of excellence The UAS CE is an exceptional site offering all the necessary services to local, national and international clients involved in one way or another to the development and operations of UAVs. Visit the Website
Rio Tinto - Usine d'Alma Located in Alma, Quebec, the smelter began operating in 2000. It operates 432 AP30 cells and produced over 466,000 tonnes of primary aluminium in 2015. Alma is powered by hydroelectricity from the region’s various power stations. The aluminium produced at the Alma smelter is cast in various shapes; namely, rod, T-ingot, sows, and molten aluminium for specialised markets worldwide. The Alma smelter is recognised as an environmental performance leader within the Rio Tinto Group, and the global aluminium industry. Visit the Website
Groupe ALCO-TMI ALCO-TMI is over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and installation of piping, industrial mechanics and sheet metal work, ensuring service and top quality products always, shop-fabricated internally. Visit the Website

Tour 6

Advanced technologies

19 October 2017
Industries Dodec Dodec has specialized in building, fabricating and repairing industrial parts for 40 years. With its high technology equipment and a workshop of 50,000 square feet, the personnel are able to undertake major projects. Dodec’s machining and welding specialties are jointly applied for repairing, fabricating and assembling parts such as : steel structures, hydroelectric dam gates and hoisting devices, mining process equipment, gears and worm screws and, turbine component. Visit the Website
Elkem Metal Canada With an annual production capacity of 40,000 metric tons, Elkem Chicoutimi holds an enviable position in the American Ferrosilicon and Magnesium-ferrosilicon market. Closely linked to the future of Elkem AS, Elkem Chicoutimi will continue to maintain its position in the market by producing specialty Ferrosilicon, Ferrosilicon based inoculant and Magnesium-ferrosilicon alloys adapted to customer requirements. Energy Electrical energy is an essential resource in the production of Ferrosilicon. Elkem Metal Canada Inc. has its own hydroelectric power station, located on the Chicoutimi River. The power station has a capacity of 38 MW and can supply approximately 80% of the plant's electrical energy requirements. Visit the Website